Red Lipstick Intelligence

I am very pleased to announce RED LIPSTICK INTELLIGENCE, the documentary I’ve been working on with Yael Bergman and Nick McInerney, has been selected by the Australian International Documentary Conference to be in their Central Showcase.

Only thirteen documentaries were chosen from a very competitive international field, so we’re super pleased! This means we will have special access to pitch our documentary to international film financiers, broadcasters, streamers, sales agents, and distributors at the AIDC conference in March. I am still blown away!

Here’s a quick rundown on our documentary:


When Hitler declared he hated red lipstick, Allied women painted their lips in defiance and a group of secret Australian heroines working as codebreakers helped change the course of WWII.

Director: Nick McInerney

Producers: Yael Bergman, Alli Sinclair

YB Productions, Codewords Productions (Australia)

Not a bad start to my new company, Codewords Productions!

If you’d like to see all the productions selected, you can click here:…/


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