Codewords Productions

268256320_10159359576492110_3529217189884411526_nCodewords Productions is a film company specialising in documentaries, feature films and TV dramas inspired by real-life women defying society’s expectations.

Founded by Alli Sinclair in 2021, Codewords Productions is currently producing Red Lipstick Intelligence – a three-part documentary about women in signals intelligence in WWII and inspired by Alli’s research she undertook for her novel, The Codebreakers.

The Codebreakers novel is currently in development as feature film with Upgrade Productions. Codewords Productions is also producing a documentary feature film, Revealing Georgette Heyer, the reclusive and enigmatic writer who invented the regency genre.

Alli has studied screenwriting in the USA and Australia and is working with Hollywood producers on three other book to film projects. Alli is also developing a script and bible for a TV series, The Freedom Colony, as well as The Full Bloom Society, and a feature film thriller script, Beyond the Deep. Alli has also been hired to write the feature film, Follow the Sun.

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