Congratulations Garage Girls!

I’m absolutely over the moon that the wonderful Garage Girls, who inspired my novel The Codebreakers and documentary Red Lipstick Intelligence, have received the Australian Intelligence Medal. I only had to keep this secret a short time (I was partly involved in the application process) and it reminded me how difficult it must have been for these ladies to keep secrets for decades! Well done, Joyce, Coral and Ailsa, I’m so proud of you!


3 thoughts on “Congratulations Garage Girls!

  1. Congratulations Garage Girls and thanks for your book on it Alli. Loved it. My Mum carried out a similar role with the Central Bureau working with the US Navy (based at Perry Park) and we only found this out a couple of years ago. My Dad never knew. She’s 98 now but unfortunately dementia has taken away the opportunity to find out more. Of course we’re all very proud. Thanks again

  2. What a wonderful thing to be a part of! I loved your novel and thought you did a marvelous job creating a fictional world for these incredible women. So pleased they finally received the recognition they deserve.

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