Better Reading Top 100 List

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Better Reading is a wonderful website that gives readers opportunities to learn more about authors and new releases. It’s a great place to hang out with other readers and chat about books you love. Every year they do a Top 100 books list where readers can vote for their favourite book. It doesn’t need to have been published in 2018 so these lists often have classics on them like Tolkien and Jane Austen. However, this year seems to have a huge amount of Aussie authors, which is absolutely fantastic to see!
I’m super pleased to tell you that Burning Fields came in at #13 and, to be honest, I’m still in shock! I’d like to extend a million thank you’s to those of you who voted for Burning Fields or have told other people about my books or taken the time to read them. I greatly appreciate your support and can’t thank you enough!
The Top 100 books will be in a special section of all Big W stores throughout the year. So very cool and it’s lovely to see Burning Fields getting an extended shelf life!
You can check out the Better Reading Top 100 Books of 2018 list HERE

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