Cover reveal and give away!

BURNING FIELDS 3I’m super chuffed to reveal the cover for the international edition of Burning Fields. And to celebrate, my USA publisher, Kensington Books, is giving away 100 copies prior to its November release. All you need to do is go over to Goodreads to enter. Good luck!


Here’s a little more about the book:

1948: Change has come to every corner of the globe—and Rosie Stanton, returning home to northern Queensland after serving the war effort in Brisbane, plans to rescue her family’s foundering sugarcane farm with her unstoppable can-do spirit. Coming up against her father’s old-world views, a farm worker undermining her success, and constant reminders of Rosie’s brothers lost in the war, Rosie realizes she wants more from life and love—but at what cost?

Italian immigrant Tomas Conti arrives at a neighboring farm, and sparks fly as Rosie draws close to this enigmatic newcomer. When an enemy appears with evidence of Tomas’s shocking past, long-held wartime hatreds rekindle . . . and an astounding family secret sets Rosie’s world ablaze. At the dawn of a new era, Rosie must make her own destiny amid the ashes of yesterday—by following her heart.



2 thoughts on “Cover reveal and give away!

  1. Hi Alli. Gorgeous cover. A bit Dressmaker-ish. I’m wondering did you have to rework your MS to cater for US market? Obviously spelling would have been a big chore, but what about dialogue? Or did you write that in a generic form to fit across the oceans? This proves I haven’t as yet read your well-reviewed book, and I do intend to! Us writers always have good intentions. I think if I recall you and I both got an ARC of Kate Morton’s book from CC – I can’t wait to read it – it’s smiling at me on the overly tight shelf.

    Congrats on everything – where is your next novel set? Is that informed by the Prague trip?

    All the questions. (I’m just thrilled for you!) International is BIG. xxx

    Jay Hicks


    • Hi there Jay! Sorry for the delay in answering but I was out at sea last week leading the Writers at Sea retreat sailing the South Pacific! Thanks, I love the cover as well! As this is an Aussie set novel my dialogue remains purely Australian but my other books do have changes in regards to some terms used so my outside-Australia market knows what I’m writing about! The changes are usually very small, though. And yes, I hear you on the good intentions about trying to read all the books we want!

      And thank you for your congrats! It’s been quite the whirlwind since my first book came out in 2014! Next book is set in 1950’s Hollywood and 1994 rural Queensland (the same town that is in Burning Fields). I did loads of research when I was in Europe last year for other books but I’ll need more time to write those! Research is always the fun bit!

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