Behind the Story: Vanessa Carnevale

Vanessa_Carnevale.jpgToday I am honoured to have the delightful Vanessa Carnevale on my blog today. Vanessa is an author and freelance writer based in Melbourne, Australia, where she lives with her husband and two children.

Passionate about writing and creativity, Vanessa coaches writers to embrace their words and enjoys presenting workshops that inspire budding authors to get their books written. She is also the creator and host of Your Beautiful Writing Life, writing retreats, the first of which she held in Tuscany, Italy, in 2016.

In her early twenties, Vanessa spent several years living in Florence, Italy, where she met her husband and discovered a love of travel and la dolce vita. She now considers Italy her second home. The Florentine Bridge is her first novel.

Vanessa, please tell us about your Story Behind the Story.

In my early twenties I travelled to Europe, a trip that would change the course of my life. I accidentally fell in love not only with the man who would become my future husband, but with Italy, or more specifically, Tuscany. I ended up moving to Florence, where I lived and worked for several years, right in the infamous piazza that houses Brunelleschi’s magnificent dome. I learnt many things during my time in Italy; how to ride a scooter, what a table celebration truly means, what makes a good Chianti and how to embrace the hand gesture! Italy is steeped in all of these things, but most beautiful of all is the way that Italians truly embrace the concept of ‘the slow life’ taking each day as it comes. Perhaps one of the things I loved most about Italy was how life seemed to chug along at a pace that never felt hard to keep up with.

During my time in Italy I kept lots of notes about my observations about life, thinking that one day they might come in handy if I wanted to write a book some day. I sold my first freelance article while living in Italy but put off writing fiction for some time.

When I did eventually sit down to write a novel, a lot of my memories about life in Italy came surfacing back as I read through those original notes. I knew then, that the book I was about to write, would be set in Tuscany, the perfect backdrop for a young aspiring artist by the name of Mia who was in remission from cancer and had lost her motivation to paint because her perspective on life had changed.

Creating an artistic character fit so well with the setting – Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance is steeped in so much culture, that it’s hard to overlook the beauty of this incredible city.

I didn’t expect to write a love story though, but a story of enduring, once-in-a-lifetime, timeless love unfolded once handsome Luca made an appearance in the early chapters of the book and was determined not to fly under the radar unnoticed!

“Full of heart and hope, The Florentine Bridge is a love story about the dolce vita in Tuscany.”

The Florentine bridge (1).jpgMore about The Florentine Bridge:

Young Australian artist Mia Moretti has been cancer free for nine months. But her battle with the illness has taken its toll, leaving her depressed and tormented by overwhelming fears. What’s more, she can’t seem to paint anymore. Mia needs a fresh start so when a surprise opportunity to travel to Tuscany presents itself, she takes it. With any luck, this trip will help her find whatever it is she needs to open her heart and start painting again.

What she doesn’t count on is meeting Luca, a handsome Italian mechanic. With his smile, his warmth and his inspirational outlook on all the good things life has to offer, he sweeps her off her feet. As Mia slowly lets down her walls and allows Luca in, her passion for life is reignited and her new perspective begins to inspire her art. But just when she’s ready to let go of her past, will a tragedy threaten her new life with Luca?

Full of heart and hope, a love story about la dolce vita in Tuscany.

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4 thoughts on “Behind the Story: Vanessa Carnevale

  1. You have a beautiful story of your own Vanessa! I would love to see Tuscany, and to read about it in your book. Congratulations. It’s doing really well I see. Love your podcast and I’d like to say I’d love to attend your next retreat if I had the chance… what fun!
    Best wishes, jay

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