Behind the Story: Joanne Dannon

profileToday we welcome the delight Joanne Dannon to tell us about her story behind the story of Falling for Mr Wrong. Joanne writes to give her readers the experience she still loves to savor—indulging in a sigh-worthy-happily-ever-after, being swept away from the everyday by diving into a delicious romance novel.

Welcome Joanne and please, tell us your story!

The Story behind the Story is perfect for my book, “Falling for Mr Wrong” which was published in 2015.

I started this book a few years back and got stuck around the 30K word mark. After much soul searching, I put the manuscript aside and wrote The Alex Jackson series. The first two books are now available – click here to find them.

In July 2014 I was selected to attend a dynamic women’s conference in Israel. I arrived early and spent 3 days exploring Tel Aviv and Jaffa. Although the conference was based in Jerusalem time was spent in of Tiberias and Tsfat.

I heard inspirational talks, met interesting people and had the opportunity to immerse myself in the country’s history and culture.

After 12 incredible days, I returned to Melbourne, opened my laptop and rewrote “Falling for Mr Wrong”. The words flowed as I poured all the amazing experiences I had just enjoyed into Tilly and Nate’s story.


The Dead Sea – opening scene in Falling for Mr Wrong

Rather than just basing the story in Jerusalum, I took Nate and Tilly to beautiful northern Israel. Whether you’re religious or not, you can’t help but feel inspired by the places and events that occurred there.

Tsfat, the home to Jewish mysticism has amazing artists living there and you can immerse yourself in art and visit galleries.

In Galilee, Christians visit the places where Jesus performed his miracles, Jews visit the tombs of the Rambam and other great sages. And for the not so religious visitors, there are stunning walking tracks and hot springs to indulge in. 

The country is steeped in history and everywhere you go, there are monuments and remnants of the past that have been meticulously preserved.

I’ve loved the feedback I’ve received where readers have not only enjoyed the romance, but also the setting.

I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to go on the conference. There was a long waiting list of women, however I’d mentioned to one of the leaders that I had a valid passport and could travel last minute. Barely four weeks before the group were to leave someone had to cancel and I got their place. How lucky am I?

selfie jerusalem

Joanne in Jerusalem


The very lovely Joanne has kindly offered to send each of the commenters a copy of her e-book, Falling for Mr Wrong. Congratulations everyone and thank you so much, Joanne, for your generosity. 

Joanne is giving away an e-book of “Falling for Mr Wrong” to one reader. To enter, simply tell Joanne something wonderful that has happened to you lately. It could be seeing a burst of spring flowers or hearing positive news from a friend. Joanne will randomly give the prize to one person who comments. Give away closes Sunday, 10 April, 11.59 pm (AEST).

FallingforMrWrong-Joanne-Dannon-200x300-200x300Falling for Mr Wrong

As a nanny, Tilly Walker is more comfortable with her young charges than dodging the English press. But that’s exactly what she has to do when unwittingly caught up in a marriage scandal with a highly regarded Minister of Parliament.

Fleeing to the safety of her great-aunt in Jerusalem, the last person she imagines becoming involved with is an undercover reporter who follows her all the way from England.

Lone wolf Nathaniel Morgan-Young is a political journalist who must break Tilly’s story to vindicate past injustices, deceiving her to get the information he needs. But when Nate unexpectedly falls for the very real woman behind the Naughty Nanny scandal, he desperately wants her to know the truth.

Will he be able to convince her to trust him again, once he has his story? Can he find the right words to make her come back, mend his wounds from the past and make him whole again?

Praise for Joanne Dannon – “A handsome, mysterious Englishman; a feisty nanny and an exotic setting – what more could you ask for? Joanne Dannon delivers a sexy, emotional story with a relatable heroine and a hero worth falling for.” – Leah Ashton, RITA Award winning author.


Joanne Dannon is a happily married mother of two heroes-in-training who loves spending time with friends and family.  She can be found on Facebook and her website chatting about reading, writing, cooking, vintage-inspired dresses and all things romantic.  She loves to hear from readers.


16 thoughts on “Behind the Story: Joanne Dannon

  1. That’s a great plot. I love the possibilities it has for romance with all the things that really appeal to me, including running away from scandal to vindication, redemption and a happy ever after. As for joyful things, it’s an exquisite day in Melbourne. So beautiful! And I’m waiting – hoping – to hear what I hope will be good news at 2pm. But the waiting is horribly suspenseful so your blog was a really lovely diversion.

    • Thanks Beverley for your kind words 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed my post 🙂

      And as you know, I’m in Melbourne too and also seeing and enjoying this beautiful Autumn sunshine. It’s one of those days that make you feel blessed to be alive 🙂

      Got my fingers and toes crossed for you, that you get the good news you’re hoping for. Only 1.5 hours of nail biting to go 😉

  2. Wow! What an amazing ‘story behind the story’! Thank you for sharing Joanne Dannon!

    I know it may not seem like something wonderful to anyone else, but…my 12 year old son is going through ‘that’ phase where his mum is the root of all evil, but this morning for a few minutes there was a reprieve in his pre-teen angst. We had a lovely conversation and even laughed with one another. As he was hopping out of the car at school drop off, he turned around and said with such seriousness that it nearly stopped my heart…”I love you Mum.” I was so stunned that he had closed the door before I recovered enough to say it back to him. He didn’t seem to mind. He had a big smile on his face as he walked up to the school doors.

    • HI Dee – thanks for your kind words and I’m glad you enjoyed my post!

      Parenting is hard and can be stressful. However, there are moments along the way when our children bless us with something that reminds us of the gift we’ve been given (i.e. them!). What a beautiful story of love you posted, I enjoyed reading it and thanks for sharing. I’m sure it’s one of those moments you’ll remember and treasure for many years 🙂

    • I like your story, Dee! These are the moments that make one feel really blessed. I have a 14-year-old daughter and we had one of those conversations – unexpectedly, as is always the case – and I felt so fabulous at how we connected, especially as I know she did, too.

      The ramification of your son’s words are huge!

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the story “behind the story”, thanks for sharing Joanne!
    Your book sounds like a wonderful read. I’ve never read anything set in Isreal before so this novel will be a great start.
    The most recent wonderful thing that has happened to me was spending time with hubby last Saturday cycling around our lake, halfway through our ride we stop at one of the many picnic areas and enjoy a healthy snack and appreciate the gorgeous scenery.

    • Hi Sue – I’m so glad you enjoyed my post. Israel is just one of the most spectacular and beautiful countries I’ve visited. You would love it (especially since you appreciate gorgeous scenery).

      Having those special moments with your hubby is just wonderful. Even something as simple as cycling and picnicking together. I loved your special moment, thanks for sharing it with me 🙂

  4. Hi Joanne. Israel looks like a beautiful setting for a book. I’ve never been there but one place I’ve always wanted to visit is Masada. Did you get there?
    As for something lovely that has happened lately, I recently caught up with a friend I hadn’t seen for many years and we spent an afternoon chatting. It was like no time had passed at all and it was wonderful.

    • Thanks Marilyn – Israel is a really beautiful country.

      Yes, we had a day out to Masada and the Dead Sea. Masada is amazing and the history behind it is very interesting. I highly recommend you checking out The DoveKeepers by Alice Hoffman She has created a beautiful book set during the siege of Masada.

      I love how you caught up with your friend and had a beautiful time chatting. I think that’s what real friends are – you can be there for each other despite not having seen each other for awhile.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  5. Dear all

    Many thanks to Alli for hosting me on her blog, I really enjoyed meeting you all.

    I loved all your answers and couldn’t decide who to pick so I’m giving you each an e-copy of Falling for Mr Wrong.

    Please email me at so I can send you a copy.

    Regards, Joanne

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