World Ballet Day – LIVE!

On Wednesday, 1 October the world will witness the inaugural World Ballet Day where five internationally acclaimed ballet companies will dance live and you can watch it online. The Australian Ballet, Bolshoi Ballet, The Royal Ballet, The National Ballet of Canada and the San Francisco Ballet have teamed up to give fans around the world the chance to see what goes on in rehearsal studios as well as interviews with dancers and artistic directors.

The schedule is as follows:

The Australian Ballet October 1st at 12pm (AEST)

Bolshoi Ballet October 1st at 4pm (AEST)

Royal Ballet October 1st at 8pm (AEST)

National Ballet of Canada October 2nd at 12pm (AEST)

San Francisco Ballet October 2nd at 4am (AEST)

Who knows, you may discover an up and coming dancer who will become a worldwide sensation and you can say “I saw him/her when …”!


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