Life, Dreams, and Dance

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Some of you may remember me as a regular blogger at Novel Adventurers. The three years I blogged with this wonderful group of writers taught me a lot about blogging, friendship, and the importance of never letting go of a dream. For ten years I held on to the dream of seeing my books on shelves in bookstores and finally, after four manuscripts and too many revisions to remember, I can finally announce that this writer’s dream is about to come true – a THREE BOOK DEAL with a publisher that I have admired for many, many years! And because I love a bit of drama and suspense, you’ll need to watch the video below to find out the details.

A massive thank you to the countless writers, other industry professionals, and non-writers who have helped and supported me and I look forward to continuing this incredible journey with all of you and collecting some new readers and friends along the way. So without further ado, click on the video below!


28 thoughts on “Life, Dreams, and Dance

  1. Alli, congratulations!! Delighted that your wonderful stories have found a home! The journey’s been worth it to get to your destination. Look forward to reading Luna Tango and enjoy the celebrations!!

    • A big thank you, Nick, for encouraging this very green writer ten years ago at the Byron Bay Writer’s Festival. It’s been quite a ride since and I’m very much looking forward to continuing this very cool (and sometimes daunting) journey!

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